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June 13, 2013 | Posted by: Gene & Joyce Daoust | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Make Your Workout Your "Happy Hour"

If you have trouble sticking to your workout schedule, it might be time to ditch your solo workouts and hire a private trainer or sign up for a group class. Solo workouts require self-discipline to start, complete and stick with your weekly routine. It can be easy for workouts to get boring or stale, doing the same old treadmill, machines, etc., and not seeing results. With boredom, it can be easy to skip workouts and before you know it, you’ve stopped working out all together.

But hiring a private trainer or joining a group class can become the spark you need to start seeing big changes. Certified fitness instructors can renew the exercise discipline you may have lost. You can gain a newfound awareness to develop body flexibility, better symmetry, coordination and the desire to workout again.

Hiring a private trainer can be the quickest way to gain back the motivation and accountability needed to place a priority on your health and fitness. They can safely tailor programs to meet your specific needs, track your progress, keep workouts fresh and make exercise fun again. One-on-one training helps you workout smarter, in less time and boost your intensity level for maximum results more so than if you were on your own.

If a private trainer is not your thing, group classes are a great way to forget about life’s outside distractions for an hour to focus on your fitness goals. Group classes are more popular than ever, offering a wide variety of fitness options for all types of exercisers and functional training. Signing up for scheduled classes can renew your accountability with like-minded people who can inspire you to keep exercise a top priority. Well-trained instructors can teach you proper body alignment, breathing and mental concentration for perfect symmetry. Classes offer camaraderie, support and structure to keep you on track. They tend to provide a well-rounded, balanced workout, focusing on all body parts, especially the core with beginner to advanced moves.

The newest training techniques combine proper form with a strong mind-body connection. This mind-muscle link can be easily taught through guided imagery called cueing. Well trained instructors cue you through your workout with visual and verbal cues. They receive positive training to elicit positive results that guide you through your workout with precision and safety. With proper cueing, you can begin to master the mind-muscle link for a better workout. Cueing also makes you a better listener and helps eliminate all outside thoughts and imagery from your mind throughout your workout. When you’re concentrating on tightening your core, flexing muscles to the bone and breathing, it’s hard to think about shopping lists and your kid’s practice schedules. When you are being properly cued through a workout, your brain directs the muscles through nerve impulses to push, pull, tighten, flex and connect for a better, more productive workout. It’s a powerful tool to make your hour of exercise completely all about you for maximum results.

And don’t forget that eating a Balance Bar 30 minutes before your workout can help stabilize blood sugar to help power you through your workout and burn stored body fat for energy. So if you’re in need of a fresh dose of fitness commitment and exercise motivation, hire a private trainer or sign up for group classes and make workoutsyour “happy hour.” You’ll be back in great shape in no time.

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