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March 05, 2013 | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Quickie Tips For Balancing Daylight Savings Time

On March 10, Americans will set their clocks forward and gain an extra hour of daylight. With extra daylight comes the opportunity to do even more withalready jam-packed days. Before you stress out, take the time to read how you can make that extra hour of daylight really count with these tips for balance from lifestyle expert, Laurel House, The Quickie Chick.

Do THIS First

You don’t want that extra hour to cause your entire day to be in a daze. Counteract the fact that the average person loses 40 minutes of sleep the first night of daylight savings time by eating energizing foods that will help keep your mind sharp and your mood lifted. A few to try and why.

  • Rye Bread – Filled with iron and lots of nutrients, rye bread helps to deliver fresh oxygen to brain cells, keeping you alert and energized
  • Avocado – The monounsaturated fat in this healthy food helps to keep healthy oxygen flowing
  • Onions – Sulfur found in onions can increase blood flow and circulation, both essential for energy
  • Apple with a smear of peanut butter –This energizing combo of fiber-rich carbohydrates and protein takes longer to digest than eating carbs alone, therefore maintaining elevated energy longer
  • Original Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar®– This nutrition bar (as with all Balance Bars) also has energizing benefits, providing a balance of calories between carbs, protein and fat for long-lasting energy

Be Selfish

Your life called and asked for its balance back. Don’t feel bad about leaving the office when it’s still light. That doesn’t mean you’re leaving early. Take advantage of the extra hour of daylight by taking care of yourself. Use it as a transition time to decompress, shed the work stress and enter into the second phase of your day. Finally take that yoga class that you’ve always wanted to try, take a walk to find the best view of the sunset, or stop on your way home at the flower garden that you always pass and smell the roses.

Be Selfless

After work, go to your local animal shelter and take a couple of dogs for a walk. Or volunteer somewhere in your area. You’ll offer help to those who need it, and brighten your evening, too.

For Your Relationship

Cut off the work energy, drop the residual stress of the day, and reset the stage for romance. It doesn’t take much time or energy to put some effort into your relationship, but it’s often those little things that make the biggest long-term difference. Here are a few ways to fill that extra hour with love:

  • Take a walk together before dinner
  • Reservations are easy. Make dinnerinstead. Even if you don’t know how. In fact, even better if you don’t know how. You are trying. You are taking time. You are putting some effort in.
  • Bought bouquets are nice. But just a simple flower is sweeter, especially if you were driving or walking down the street, spotted one, and it made you spontaneously think of a loved one.
  • Stop at a card shop and buy a dozen little cards. Then, once a week, hidea simple “I love you” note ina closed laptop, a coat pocket, a travel bag – somewhere you know it will be spotted.

For Your Friendship

A Walk and Talk Happy Hour! Stop debating between working out or having girl time. Do both! Instead of meeting up at the bar, spending too much on mixed drinks and straining your voice as you scream to speak, take advantage of the extra daylight and make plans to meet up for a walk and talk! It’s one of the best ways to catch up, gossip, dig deep into issues that you need advice on, and simultaneously get in a workout! A few ways to do it:

  • Meet up on a certain corner at a specific time and take off from there.
  • Pick a house – yours or theirs, as the meeting spot, then walk from the house.
  • Choose a favorite hiking trail, beach walk or scenic local spot and start from there.
  • If you live close to each other, decide to leave your houses at the exact same time and meet somewhere in the middle, then walk a new route together.
  • Make the hour even happier by bringing along a Dark Chocolate Crunch Balance Bar®. It will sustain you through your walk and you’ll feel like you’re eating dessert first (without the calorie-dense guilt).

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