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Married since 1986, Gene and Joyce Daoust are the national best selling authors of 40-30-30 Fat Burning Nutrition, The Formula, and Formula 101.  Known as “The Original Zone Nutritionists,” they are the clinical nutritionists who worked with Dr. Barry Sears in the development and testing of the original 40-30-30 zone nutrition program.

In 1991, the Daousts owned and operated the Kirkland, Wash.-based BioSyn Human Performance Center, a cutting-edge weight-loss and sports-nutrition center and the world’s first 40-30-30 zone nutrition clinic.  It was at their diet center that the 40-30-30 “zone nutrition” craze began to take off.

The Daousts were also the key nutritionists who helped develop the nutrition programs for many of the leading 40-30-30 nutrition bar manufactures.  They were part of the original team that started the Balance Bar Company that was eventually sold to Kraft Foods.

Joyce and Gene are two of America’s leading experts in nutrition, fitness and weight loss. These two dynamic and highly sought-after motivational speakers and nutrition coaches have the unique ability to make the 40-30-30 fat burning nutrition system simple to understand and implement, and to inspire people from all walks of life to alter their eating habits, lose weight, and improve their overall health and performance.

Joyce and Gene have been featured on hundreds of television and radio shows and in magazines, newspapers, and other publications. They have conducted programs for athletic teams and groups, professional trade associations, corporations and sales organizations, physicians, and health professionals. They travel the country promoting their books and lecturing on 40-30-30 balanced nutrition and have helped countless people to lose weight and to feel and perform better.

The Daousts have re-united with Balance Bar as the resident nutrition experts. They will communicate directly with consumers on Facebook at, provide content for the Balance Bar website ( and partake in Balance Bar activities across the U.S.

Their products are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders or wherever books are sold.

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