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Setting Realistic Goals in 2014

*By Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies
Happy New Year! I just cleaned out my pantry, tossed some candy I have no intention of eating and tucked a Balance Bar® in my purse so I'll have a wholesome, yummy snack when I'm out and about!
I'm going to be realistic yet motivated and focus on positivity in 2014! Here are some creative tips to help you incorporate more fruits and veggies in your life in 2014!
Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables – It's Easy!
Eat what's in season! At any given time of year you can prance into any supermarket and find a bevy of fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Look for the most vibrant colored produce and start loading up!
Be open-minded - The vegetables you despised as a kid might become a favorite.  
Get Inspired
Borrow a vegetarian magazine from the library for inspiration and recipes. I happen to like Vegetarian Times but there are a variety of others out there. Invest in a good vegetarian cookbook if you don't already have one. Most won't break the bank and if you're feeling lucky head on over to Leslie Loves Veggies! I host quite a few vegetarian cookbook giveaways—from The Cheesy Vegan to Raw, Quick & Delicious! to The Meat Lover’s Meatless Celebrations—so you'll find a cookbook to tantalize your taste buds and pique your interest I'm sure! If you own a Kindle or other eReader be on the lookout for free veggie cookbooks to download. How can you pass that up?
After visiting your favorite restaurant come home and see how closely you can recreate your favorite dish at home without meat. 
Think outside the Box
Eat the foods you love! If spaghetti with meat sauce is your thing than go for it! Create a killer sauce with crumbled faux 'meat', sautéed peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes. If you're not a veggie lover then sneak 'em in! Add chopped red peppers and shredded carrots to corn muffin batter before baking. Serve salsa with everything! It's delicious with fresh veggies, on omelets and with chips. Be sure to layer every sandwich with veggies like avocados, dark green lettuce, beefy tomatoes or even low-fat coleslaw! Remember to add lots of fresh fruits to your morning smoothies too.
Happy 2014! Leslie
This post was sponsored by Balance Bar®.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

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