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Staying on Track in the New Year

*By Julee Morrison from Mommy’s Memorandum
It's a new year and for many of us there's a resolution or goal that is focused on weight. According to Statistic Brain, “Losing Weight” was the top New Years Resolution for 2014 and "Staying Fit and Healthy" number 5. Weight-related resolutions are the second most popular type of resolution, second only to "self-improvement". 
For many, we lose our commitment before the first month of the year has passed. Much of this may be contributed to the fact that we tend to try and make it all happen immediately and when we don't see results quickly, our dedication fades and fizzles out, sending us back to our old, comfortable habits.
This year can be different. It can be the year of success by implementing small changes into your everyday lifestyle.
Here are six tips to help you stay focused and find victory!
  1. Start Small. Nothing is going to happen overnight, in a week and maybe not even in a month. Break your long-term goal into smaller goals to help you reach the finish line. Cut back one soda a day or a week. Swap out that candy bar you crave for a nutritious, satisfying Balance Bar®.
  2. Allow Mistakes. The reality is we are all human and we tend to find comfort in routine. Those habits are difficult to break. If you ate something indulgent, don't throw in the towel. You haven't failed. You just took a detour. Just accept it and get back on the path that will help you achieve success. Keeping a Balance Bar® in your desk, gym bag, glove compartment or purse can help you stay on track by satisfying the cravings and offering a nutritious choice.
  3. Keep the Right Expectations. It took some time for that weight to creep up on you. It's not going to just vanish. Set realistic goals to keep you motivated. Start small with a goal of losing 10 percent of your weight over 10 weeks. When you reach that milestone, reward yourself with something non-food related.
  4. Keep a Food Journal. Write down everything you eat throughout the day. It will help bring awareness to what is going in your body. It may even have you reconsidering that bite of food.
  5. Eat. In order to succeed, eat! Make healthier choices and make sure you are consuming a minimum of 1200-1500 calories a day. Starving your body will cause your metabolism to slow down, making it almost impossible for the weight to come off.
  6. Drink Plenty of Water. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and drink often. Start with a goal of eight (8oz) glasses of water per day and try and increase that amount. 
By changing your thinking from resolution to goal or even "better choices" the path to success will be one that attains the reward. Reach for a Balance Bar® in conjunction with your healthy diet and exercise plan and get on track to being the person you were destined to be in 2014.
This post was sponsored by Balance Bar®. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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