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Walking To Control Blood Sugar

A recent study released in the journal Diabetes Care confirms that a little exercise can pay off big. The study, led by Dr. Loretta DiPietro, chair of the department of exercise science at George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, showed that a moderately paced walk after meals works well at helping to control and regulate blood sugar. Exercise helps to reduce the rise in blood sugar. The study concluded that after eating a meal, you should wait a half hour then go for a 15-minute walk to help control blood sugar. You have to do it every day and after every meal.
As promising as the study sounds, many people may find it difficult to fit three after-meal walks during their busy daily schedule, 30 minutes after eating. But since the objective is to control blood sugar throughout the day, it only makes sense to start with a balanced diet that controls blood sugar first and add exercise anytime during the day for even better results. A balanced diet with a moderate amount of high fiber carbohydrates, protein and fat will help to stabilize blood sugar and control the release of insulin from meal to meal. Add a little moderate exercise like walking after meals for even tighter blood sugar and hormonal control. The researchers also suggest that if you can’t walk after every meal, try to walk after the largest meal of the day, typically the evening meal. Higher calorie meals can increase blood sugar for longer periods and into the night. Take a break from the couch and walk the dog or just walk your neighborhood with other family members or friends. 
Joyce Daoust is a Certified Nutritionist, Balance Bar Spokesperson and national best selling co-author of THE FORMULA, A Personalized 40-30-30 Weight Loss Program 

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