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Health & Fitness
May 11, 2015 | Posted in: Health & Fitness
5 Habits Keeping You From Finding Balance

With summer just around the corner comes an exciting opportunity for a fresh start. And with it, the chance to kick some unhealthy habits to the curb. Bad habits affect your mind as well as your body, causing you to become stressed and irritable. When you master a daily routine that does NOT include these five things, you’ll feel overall happier and more in Balance. And at the end of the day, that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

  1. People who stress you out. There is no reason to have negative, unsupportive people in your life – especially when you’re trying to meet a fitness or nutrition goal. Whether that person is a friend or a family member, it is important to set boundaries with the people who bring you down.

  2. Overbooking your schedule. Saying “yes” to everyone feels good. But if at the end of every day you find yourself exhausted and not getting any “me time,” is the good feeling of saying “yes” really worth it? Carve out at least an hour each day as your “me time” and spend it doing what YOU want to do – exercising, cooking a healthy meal, reading a book, taking a walk or watching your favorite TV show.
  3. Junk food/soda. This one seems like a no brainer, but eating junk food and soda – like most bad habits – affects your mood as well as your body. Notice how you feel around 4pm when you’ve had a soda with your lunch vs. when you’ve been hydrating with water all day. Probably sluggish, tired, unmotivated and ready for a night on the couch, right? When you make smart choices about nutrition, those good decisions tend to overflow into other areas of your life, like getting enough exercise and “me time.” Try starting your day with a Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar and see how other nutritious foods naturally follow throughout the day.

  4. Lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep is a habit that throws your entire day off Balance. The key is being intentional about getting enough sleep. Set a technology curfew a couple hours before you intend to go to sleep. That means no cell phone, no work email, no TV and no computer. Instead of keeping your mind stimulated and stressed from screen time, try getting lost in a good book, doing a few yoga poses or taking a warm bath.

  5. Unrealistic self-expectations. Nobody is perfect. When you stop putting yourself down for missing a workout or eating an unhealthy meal, you’ll find so much more happiness and freedom in your daily life. Instead of setting lofty goals that leave you feeling hopeless and defeated, work on setting achievable goals that you can feel good about.

For more tips and resources about how to find more Balance, check out The Balance Project.

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