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January 05, 2015 | Posted by: Schnelle Acevedo | Posted in: Health & Fitness
5 Indoor Workout Ideas for the Winter

The dropping temperatures and shorter days signal the arrival of winter. With the cold mornings and dark nights, it can be hard to find the motivation to leave your warm house, head to the gym and maintain your healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean your fitness regimen has to suffer for the next couple of months.

Even if you’re not at the gym, you don’t need a personal trainer to have a fun and active workout right in the comfort of your own home. Check out five of my favorite ways to get an indoor workout and enjoy an active winter!

1) Fitness Apps

There are so many great fitness apps available that can help you get an amazing workout without ever leaving home. One of my personal favorites is the Nike Training App. This app puts you to the test with rigorous body weight movements that require little to no equipment. You choose your fitness level and the app guides you through the intervals.

2) YouTube

YouTube has thousands of free fitness videos created by everyone from popular fitness icons to local personal trainers. There are short videos that show you how to execute a specific exercise to full 60-minute cardiovascular workouts. Try searching some of your favorite trainers’ names – chances are they already have some free videos available. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer but for free and in your home!

3) Fitness DVDs

Fitness DVDs are still an awesome way to get a great workout indoors. It's just like a regular group fitness class except it takes place right in your living room! Also, fitness DVDs are not as expensive as they used to be, you can usually find them retailing for under $10.

4) Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for a wide variety of workouts. From a quick 15-minute cardiovascular workout to specific yoga moves for beginners – Pinterest has it all! A simple search will bring you thousands of resources and all you have to do is pick one and get started.

5) Home Furniture

If you don't feel like incorporating technology in your workout, you can use your home furniture as workout equipment. Some exercises include running up and down staircases, triceps dips on your dining room chair, push-ups with your feet on the sofa, and so much more. Body weight exercises are always great because they get your heart rate up quickly!

Keep your eye on the Weekly Bite for more wonderful workout tips no matter the season!

Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

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