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February 11, 2015 | Posted in: Health & Fitness
5 Ways to Make Your Chocolate Sweets Nutritious Treats this Valentine's Day

It can’t be denied. It’s a definite must. It’s simply the only way. You absolutely have to have chocolate this Valentine’s Day!

Rather than indulging in not-so-healthy, calorie-packed sweets on February 14th, we’ve found several ways to avoid this holiday habit. Try one (or all five) of these ideas to give your special someone a not-so-guilty, nutritious treat this year on Valentine’s Day.

Give Them a Sweet Surprise

One of our favorite ways to treat the ones we love is to give them a Valentine with a little surprise and delight. On the 14th of February, slip your loved one their favorite chocolatey Balance Bar® when they least expect it. Whether you tuck one in their slippers, slip it into their workbag or hide it in their center console of their car, you’ll be sure to pleasantly surprise them on this special holiday.

Write a Note to Show You Care

Whether it’s five words or 500, handwriting a note is a long-lasting way to show your loved ones you care. Add a little chocolate to that note and you’ll knock that Valentine’s Day gift right out of the park! By attaching your letter to a tasty, chocolate Balance Bar®, you’ll be sure to make your special someone smile this holiday.

Whip Up Breakfast In Bed

Nothing says “I Love You” more than waking up to a deliciously nutritious breakfast in bed. While there are several ways to make a tasty breakfast for your loved one, we suggest creating one with a Valentine’s Day twist and (of course) one that includes a bit of chocolatey goodness along with it. Add ingredients such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to your favorite smoothie recipe to create a beautifully pink, berry breakfast drink. Include steaming coffee and a chocolate Balance Bar® to complete a tasty breakfast in bed.

Prepare a Treat That Can’t Be Beat

For our sweet tooths and dessert lovers out there - this tip is for you. Creating a dessert with a nutritious twist is one of the best ways to keep that chocolatey taste you desire, but that also leaves out the added guilt that comes with it. Two of our favorite nutritious indulgences are: mixing in cut up bits of a Cookie Dough Balance Bar® into frozen yogurt or heating up a Double Chocolate Brownie Balance Bar® for 5-10 seconds in the microwave and topping it with low-fat whipped cream. Try it once, share it with your loved one, and you’ll most likely never go back to your more traditional desert choices again!

Make It a Fit Day of Love

Let’s face it, everyone could use a little fitness encouragement during these dreary winter months. We all know that it’s much more challenging to keep up with our workouts during this time of year. Show your loved ones a little support this holiday by giving them a practical, yet fun fitness Valentine’s Day gift. Try stuffing a shiny new water bottle with as many nutrition bars as you can, or using new headphones as a ribbon to tie around a couple bars as a way to show your fitness-loving companion you care.

Check the Weekly Bite blog throughout the winter season and follow @BalanceBar on Twitter for more tasty treat and nutrition ideas!


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