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November 04, 2014 | Posted by: Amanda Hernandez | Posted in: Health & Fitness
6 Tips for a More Nutritious Holiday Season

With all of the parties and festivities during the holiday season, it's easy to over indulge and forget all about a nutritious diet and exercise plan. But by following these simple tips, you can enjoy all those delicious family-favorite recipes without throwing nutrition and fitness out the window.

  1. Eat a nutritious breakfast.

If you have a holiday party to attend that evening, make sure you start your day off right with a wholesome breakfast. You may think that skipping eating is the way to go but this will only make you feel like you’re starving by the time the party starts. Choose foods rich in whole grains and protein to keep you full. Great choices include eggs and whole-grain toast, Greek yogurt with granola and fruit or oatmeal with chopped nuts and cranberries. You can also change up your morning routine with a Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar® which is high in protein at 15 grams per serving!

  1. Move your body.

Diet is not the only important factor in staying healthy this holiday season. It's important to remember to exercise. Even if you're busy, it can be simple to fit bits and pieces of exercise into your day. Try walking, pushups, planks, squats and other similar exercises that are effective but do not take too much time. By sneaking this fitness in, you are helping your body to stay on track and burn some of the extra calories that you consume at a holiday party.

  1. Choose 1-2 indulgent foods.

At a party where there are 15 deliciously indulgent options, it can be hard to maintain your nutritious eating plan. Instead of trying to say no to all the rich foods, choose a couple that look the best to you and try those. This way, your body does not feel deprived but you are still not going overboard.

  1. Bring the produce.

As always, fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the most nutritious snack options. When you're asked to bring a dish to a holiday party, bring a fruit or veggie tray. This way, you can guarantee that there will be a healthy option on hand for you to eat. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which can help you to stay full without extra calories.

  1. Watch the beverages.

Holiday beverages can be very high in calories and at an evening party it's easy to have over 1000 calories worth of beverages! Stick to mainly water and if you want to have an alcoholic beverage, have a glass or two of wine, which is fairly low in calories. Be mindful that even nonalcoholic holiday drinks have lots of calories. For example, one cup of eggnog contains 343 calories!

  1. Don’t stress.

While maintaining a reasonable diet during the holidays is important, do not stress out about keeping the perfect diet. The holidays are about time with family and friends and you should not worry too much if you overindulge on a few occasions. If you end up overeating at an event, try to get back on track the following day by having whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Enjoy the holiday season and relax.

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Amanda hernandez*

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