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February 23, 2015 | Posted by: Rachel Steffen | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Working On My Balance

As a busy mom, I am constantly trying to find balance for my family and me. When I think of someone who has achieved balance, I picture someone who finds time for work, family, finances, fitness and nutritious eating, all while looking well groomed and put together. I cannot think of anyone who is able to balance all of these things perfectly, all of the time. Balance is very difficult to achieve, but is something worth working toward. 

Here are a few tips for staying balanced:

  • Learning to say NO. It is important to learn the art of saying NO when it doesn’t work best for you or your family. While some things may seem tempting at the time, I’ve learned to ask myself, “Do I really need to do this, or am I just adding to my already-busy schedule.” 
  • Having time for rest. Balance to me is finding equal parts crazy and rest. That means after a long week of running after the kids and getting all of my work and errands done, I try to carve out some time on the weekend for relaxation. This could be an afternoon in the park together or a leisurely morning where we sleep in and eat delicious pancakes!
  • Running. For me personally, running outside helps me find a better balance in life. It balances out my mood and hormones and makes me happy!
  • Find time for yourself. What is an everyday activity or hobby that you enjoy and makes you feel more balanced? This could be scrapbooking, reading, walking, or pampering yourself. We live in a busy world with many expectations. When we take time for ourselves, we can break apart from the crazy and find balance. 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Try to focus on what your needs are and what the needs of your family are. It is not about what someone else is doing. Balance should be about what is right for you and your family.

As a busy stay-at-home mom, I am continually chasing and striving for balance. I am juggling the expectations and demands of a wife, mom, teacher and so much more. Finding balance is the key to managing all of my roles.

Do you have some tips for finding balance in life? Share them with us on Twitter using the hashtag #BalanceProject!

Rachel Steffen*

*Rachel Steffen writes awesome articles as a paid spokesperson for Balance Bar®. We also send her delicious Balance Bar® products for free, so…best job ever? And speaking of deliciousness, check out the incredible new Sweet & Spicy Nut Balance bare® bar

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