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June 23, 2015 | Posted by: Ericka Andersen | Posted in: News
Balance Bar Goes to the Blend Retreat

For the second year in a row, I was able to attend the Blend Retreat on behalf of Balance Bar. Blend is a combination of the words “blogger” and “friend,” and the retreat is for young bloggers who enjoy blogging about healthy living, fitness and food.

You won’t find many extreme types at Blend. Most attendees are all about finding that perfect Balance in life – filling their time with a combination of friends, fitness, family, food and more. That’s why I was excited to talk with other attendees about The Balance Project. Trying to find that daily Balance is something they all prioritize.

This year’s event took place in the outdoor mecca of Boulder, Colorado. The fresh mountain air and Boulder’s vibrant community make it the ideal place to focus on healthy living. From miles of hiking trails to the open-air farmers market filled with homemade goodies, the atmosphere of Colorado is overall refreshing.

I was so excited to represent a company that values finding Balance in life. During the trip, I was able to meet and bond with over 100 women – many of whom are healthy living influencers online. During our hikes, conversations and mealtimes, we talked about everything from marathon training to having babies. There were triathletes, yogis, CrossFitters and bloggers who have their own food businesses. It was truly inspiring to hear about the lives of so many women from all across the country.  

Balance Bar is a perfect match for a conference like Blend. With fun flavors from Cookie Dough to the new Sea Salt Caramel Nut bare bar, Balance Bar products cater to everyone’s unique tastes. The girls also loved trying the new Balance Bites. Since many of them abide by a gluten-free diet, they were excited to find a new snack that is gluten-free and delicious. What’s a nutritious snack without some awesome flavor? The variety of delicious flavors is what I love about Balance Bar – and why I was pumped to hand out gift bags with some of the new products.

We snacked on our Balance bars during the hike and packed the extras away to take home for later. After boot camps, yoga sessions, happy hours and an ice cream reception, we walked away from the weekend feeling like old friends – though many of us had only met 48 hours before.

There’s something about the open air, the free flowing conversation and bringing together like-minded people that reminds us why finding Balance matters so much in our lives. 

For more from Ericka and all our AmBARsadors, follow us on Twitter or check out The Balance Project.


*Ericka Andersen writes awesome articles as a paid spokesperson for Balance Bar®. We also send her delicious Balance Bar® products for free, so…best job ever? And speaking of deliciousness, check out the incredible new Sweet & Spicy Nut Balance bare® bar.

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