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September 03, 2013 | Posted in: News
Expert Travel Tips: Get The Most From Your End Of Summer Vacation

Does traveling throw your healthy lifestyle off balance? Whether it’s a maxed out budget or a maxed out calorie count – we’re here to help! Earlier this summer, our lifestyle experts took over the @BalanceBar Twitter feed to share their tips for finding your balance while traveling.

If you missed our #SummerBalance Twitter Party – here’s a recap of the highlights! Special thanks to our panel – @QuickieChick, @HaveSippy, @ChicRunnerand @MommyFactor

    Q: Any tips for taking an 8-hour road trip with a 2-year-old?

    A: Include frequent breaks, lots of snacks and a cuddle friend!

    Q: Do you find it difficult to get workouts in during a vacation?

    A: Yes, but you have to schedule it in like any other activity of your vacation.

    Q: How do I make sure my kids get enough water on our trip?

    A: Add a little fruit juice and always carry a reusable water bottle.

    Q: Any tips for keeping kiddos happy in long lines at theme parks?

    A: Pack healthy snacks., like a Balance Bar mini. It will help keep their energy up.

    Q: What’s a good way to save money for a long-term trip?

    A: Start saving money by…saving money! A little each week goes a long way.

    Q: What’s your suggestion for vacationing on a budget?

    A: Go somewhere that means something to you and to your family. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

    Q: How do you avoid eating poorly on vacation?

    A: I bring fruit, Balance Bars, and drink plenty of water.

    Q: Is it rude not to share your Balance Bar with your seatmate on a plane? ☺

    A: We always like to pack extras just in case!

    Q: What tricks can I use to get motivated to shed a little weight this summer?

    A: Set goals and reward yourself with something healthy when you hit them.

    Q: Which Balance Bar is best for a morning workout?

    A: Blueberry Acai Bare is a great option for a post-workout treat.

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