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December 11, 2017
Keeping Your Family Healthy During the Holiday Rush
With colder temperatures and hectic holiday schedules, it’s easy to lose track of your usually balanced lifestyle. Get inspired by these fun tips to keep the whole family healthy this winter. 

1) When snowy days are in the forecast, bundle up and take time to enjoy the bright white beauty of winter. Challenge the kids to a snowman building contest, make snow angels and don’t forget to snap a few photos to capture the holiday memories.

2) Instead of opting for a weekend movie marathon on the sofa, keep the family active around the house. Start a game of hide and seek, help the kids build their dream fort or turn up your favorite playlist for a dance party.

3) Head for the hills and enjoy a family hike. Make sure to dress warmly in layers and pack plenty of nutritious snacks. Our Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch Balance Bar is  a nutritious and   energy-boosting option with a deliciously festive flavor that the kids will love, too. 

4) If your family is a fan of football season, start your own team and head outside for a weekly game, just like the pros. Invite friends to join in the fun and the kids will never want to miss an afternoon of tossing the ball. 

5) Meal planning often takes a backseat when hectic schedules hit. Commit to cooking balanced meals without sacrificing family time by including your kids in the prep. Also keep nutritious snacks on hand for days when tummies are growling and you’re in a pinch. 

Show us how you’re staying active this holiday season. Share a pic with @BalanceBar on Instagram with #HolidayBalance.



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