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June 09, 2014 | Posted by: Matthew McClelland | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Father's Day

As a stay at home dad, every day feels a bit like Father’s Day to me. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not looking forward to having a full day where I can enjoy some of my favorite activities with the entire family. Below are some thoughts on how I’ll be spending my Father’s Day. Most important to me is finding things we can all do together and hopefully, enjoying some of the beautiful summer weather.

  • The first thing I’ll do is to call my own father; after all, he taught me everything I know about being a good dad.
  • Next on the agenda is cooking breakfast, one of the best skills my dad taught me!  My mom did most of the cooking growing-up, but weekends always included dad preparing bacon and eggs for me and my sisters.  I’m certain there will be no arguments over this part of the day.  It’s going to be a busy day and we’ll need a protein-packed omelet to help get us fueled up for the rest of the day. I’ll throw in some herbs from my garden to give it the fresh, summer flavor I love.
  • After breakfast I’ll have to search the house for my hidden gifts.  The kids love hiding presents and giving “hot” and “cold” clues.  I’d love to say this is a family tradition passed down from when I was a kid, but truthfully, a few years back when the kids were much younger, we forgot to wrap someone’s birthday presents and decided to hide the gifts around the family room.  The last minute scramble was a hit and we have done it ever since. It’s also a great way to get everyone up and moving.
  • Now comes my favorite part of the day, piling into the car and driving to a couple of the local farms to pick-up new plants for the garden.  This is usually met with a few eye rolls, mainly from my wife, but it’s my day, right?  Before we leave the house, I’ll throw together some snacks to enjoy while we’re out; food for the baby, milk for the boys, water and a handful of Balance Bars to keep our energy up throughout the day. There is nothing worse than suddenly realizing you are in a car full of hungry children!
  • When we get home, I’ll let my wife off the hook for a while and head into the garden with the boys.  I have a 60 X 30 vegetable garden and even though it’s booming with everything from cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, squash and about everything else you can imagine, there is always room for more.  It’s my Zen place.  I have spent so much time in the garden teaching the boys about food, nature and science.  It is our own little classroom where I can pass on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  
  • Once everything has been planted, I’ll let the boys harvest a selection of fresh vegetables for our dinner. One of my favorite summer meals is burgers from the grill with lots of healthy sides. We’ll pick a nice pile of greens for a salad, and grab some beets, potatoes and carrots to grill along with the burgers. Finally we’ll head up to the deck and fire up the grill.  We bought my wife a gazebo for Mother’s Day and it’s become a great spot for relaxing as a family. 
  • After dinner, we’ll sit around the table and talk about our day, about tomorrow, and most importantly just enjoy being with each other. Most days get so busy, we forget to stop and enjoy all the special moments we spend together as a family.  For me Father’s Day isn’t about being a dad, it’s about being a family. As we wind down our day, I’ll count my blessings and know there is no other place I’d rather be.

Happy Father’s Day to all those dads, grandfathers and more!


Matt McClelland*

*Matt McClelland is a paid spokesperson for Balance Bar®.

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