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The No-Longer-Leaning Tower of Pisa
March 30, 2015 | Posted in: News
Finding Balance Around the World

At Balance Bar, we believe a life in Balance is a good life. That’s why we created the Balance Project, to help you find more Balance. The response has been so positive, we decided to expand our efforts internationally! So we grabbed our passports and headed abroad to bring Balance to more people.

Our first stop was perhaps the most well-known off-balance landmark in the world – Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa! While finding Balance is never easy, this one took the cake. After many grueling hours, we’re proud to report that the tower is now a sturdy, vertical structure. The world let out a collective sigh of relief.

Next up, the city of love, the beautiful Paris, France. We know how important it is to surround yourself with happy, positive people. Their optimistic attitude builds you up, making it more possible to achieve your goals. So, we stopped at the Louvre to spread some cheer and give the infamous Mona Lisa smile a little lift. A few tubes of paint later, we think da Vinci would be happy with her wider, more infectious smile.

Our last stop? London, England. We hear it time and time again – you need more time! Whenever we ask someone how to find Balance in life, 90% of people say they need more time in their day. Well, we finally did something about it. We met with world leaders in London and convinced them to add another hour to the day!

The iconic clock tower, Big Ben, was renovated to bring more Balance to our lives and looks more handsome than ever with 13 hours on his face.

Ah, if only. All of us at Balance Bar would like to wish you a happy April Fools’ Day! We hope you make time to have a little fun, enjoy some delicious nutrition, and discover how you can live a life with Balance.

If you really had more time in your day, how would you spend it? Tell us @BalanceBar on Twitter #BalanceProject.


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