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Health & Fitness
October 28, 2011 | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Flu Season Is Here: Stay Healthy Inside & Out - Exercise To Strengthen Your Immune System

As the weather changes, you may feel like curling up with a warm blanket and reading, but exercise can be the key to building a strong defense against the cold and flu season.

Exercise: Moderate exercise – around 20 to 30 minutes a day can improve lung and immune function. Physical activity enhances the ability of T lymphocytes (white blood cells) to attack viruses. Studies show that active people get sick much less when compared with sedentary people.

Aerobic exercise speeds up the heart to pump larger quantities of blood, makes you breathe faster to help transfer oxygen from your lungs to your blood; and will make you sweat once your body heats up.

Relax and Rest:Exercise is a natural way to reduce stress levels. High levels of stress are directly linked to illness. Exercise also promotes healthy sleep patterns. A full night’s sleep can help your body’s natural defenses work at optimum efficiency.

Should you exercise with a cold or flu? Mild exercise may help to boost immune function, but if you have a sore throat or fever, exercise may stress your body even more. If you are feeling under the weather, wait a few days to get back to your regular exercise regimen. Working out too hard with a cold or flu could stress your body and hinder your recovery.

Crystal Asbury *

Crystal Asbury is a Certified Personal Trainer and & Corrective Exercise Specialist

*Crystal Asbury a compensated spokesperson for Balance Bar®.

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