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September 03, 2013 | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Get Motivated & Moving: 4 Tips To Sticking With A Morning Run Routine

Meet Danica! Founder and blogger at ChicRunner.com. She wanted to share some of her go-to tips for motivating you to get your work out in before your busy day begins.

Waking up and running in the morning is so difficult, but it’s definitely worth it. It starts your day off on the right foot, gives you energy to take on the day and gets your workout out of the way!

With the miles ramping up, I am working harder than ever to squeeze everything into my busy schedule. I get up at 4:30, and am down meeting up with my running buddy at 5:00 am. We're off and running by 5:10 and then run anywhere from 6-8 miles, which takes us a little under an hour to an hour and 20 minutes. There are a few things that make my mornings SO much easier, which I wanted to share:

1.Lay Out Workout Clothes The Night Before.

  • I lay out my workout clothes the night before so I only have to roll out of bed and put on my clothes and go.

2.Set Your Alarm To Running Music.

  • Picking a song to wake up to that is motivating makes a HUGE difference. I used to wake up to the normal Apple Alarm tones but recently picked a song that makes me want to run. It's a completely different way to wake up, and motivates me right off the bat to start my day right.

3.Find a Running Buddy.

  • Having a running partner makes a huge difference knowing that someone is depending on you to get their run in.
  • I have slept through my alarm more than once, and it’s a horrible feeling knowing you’ve let someone else down.
  • Look on different running sites for people nearby, ask someone you see at the gym if they’d like to meet up for a run, or check in at your local running store for group runs and meet-ups.

4.Energize Before AND After You Run.

  • I make sure that I drink water before I head out for a run and usually eat ¼ of a Balance Bar® before a run to give myself just a little bit of energy.
  • After the run, I'll finish off the bar. My favorite ones in the morning are the Dark Chocolate bars. The protein in them helps with muscle recovery and makes me feel full so I don't make poor food choices after my run.
  • I also make a bottle of Nuun to take with me to hydrate after my run. It helps replace the electrolytes I've lost sweating.

Now that you have the tips to keep you motivated, it’s time to get out and get moving with a morning run routine of your own!

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