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September 16, 2014 | Posted by: Ericka Andersen | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Getting the Most Out of These Last Few Days of Summer

It’s that bittersweet time of the year when summer is coming to a close. It feels as though we were just celebrating Memorial Day and now we have to start thinking of fun fall activities. Before you make that transition, don’t forget to squeeze in some of those last minute summer adventures you had on your list for 2014.

Here are a few ideas you might want to consider checking off to make sure you can call your summer a success.

  1. Stand-up paddle boarding. This has become a huge trend across the country and there’s still time to hop on a board and get an epic photo of yourself looking like a pro. It’s easy to learn (we’re talking minutes) and the water is always warmest later in the summer. What are you waiting for?
  2. Trail Run. If you are near a big city like me, there’s guaranteed to be a trail run happening nearby. If you’ve felt bored lately by your 5ks, a trail run will definitely help spice up your running routine. Because speed isn’t the most important factor, the experience is different and running up hills, over rocks and through trees will leave you feeling exhilarated. 
  3. The High Dive. Ah yes, the monumental feat of your childhood. As a kid, I lived near a university with a diving team and the pool had five different heights to choose from. There’s nothing like getting up the nerve to climb all the way up the ladder and – with your heart pounding – taking the plunge from the top. You’ll bring out your inner child and remember how fun it is to do something that scares you a little. 
  4. Biking to a Picnic. We all bike for a mile or two every now and then, but how about a half-day ride or full-day ride? Find a trail near you and plan a day out of it; it’s the perfect way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather before it’s gone. Make sure to bring water, a nutritious Balance Bar® for lasting energy and a picnic lunch and blanket for when you reach your destination.
  5. Go Old School. If you need out of a workout rut, invite your friends over and break out your old school equipment: jump ropes, Skip-it’s (remember those?), pogo sticks, a limbo bar, soccer balls and anything else that reminds you of being a kid. Create a circuit workout with each item and go three or more rounds on every piece of equipment. You can also add sprint drills, push-ups, sit-ups or other easy moves for more difficulty. Pump up the music and have a blast sweating the last days of summer away.

Ericka Andersen*

*Ericka Andersen writes awesome articles as a paid spokesperson for Balance Bar®. There are also free samples involved (a Balance® bare Mixed Berry Nut or two goes a long way), so…best job ever?

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