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January 29, 2014 | Posted in: News
Healthy Lifestyle Habits From The Experts: How To Be The Best You In 2014

The new year has begun and we’re focusing on being our best selves in 2014! To kick it off, we invited some of our blogger friends and lifestyle experts to share their advice on starting off the new year on the right note. We discussed healthy habits, staying motivated throughout the year and making time for your health. Earlier this month, they took over the @BalanceBar Twitter feed to share their expertise on the topic.

In case you missed the #NewYearBalance Twitter Party extravaganza – here’s a recap of the highlights! Special thanks to our panel – @quickiechick, @jonbonjovious, @LeslieVeg and @yurbuds

Q: How can we deal with adverse cold, wintry, snowy, icy weather & maintaining workout routine?

A: Download workouts and stock up on fitness gear so you don't even have to leave your house! – @Yurbuds

Q: What are healthy early evening snacks?

A: If you heat up the Chocolate Raspberry bar for a few seconds in the microwave, it's an excellent dessert! – @BalanceBar

Q: What are a few good, quick exercises to do at work or home?

A: At work do as many squats in 5 min increments as you can...trying to better your # each round. Also, try leg lifts while you brush your teeth. Whatever it takes! -@jobonjovious

Q: Do you recommend Balance Bars for children? My son is 12 and a competitive swimmer.

A: Balance Bars are a nutritious option for children and adults alike! We think your son would love them. – @BalanceBar

Q: What are some good suggestions for getting my kids motivated to achieve a healthier lifestyle?

A: Lead by example and if there isn't junk in the house to eat, they can't eat it. – @LesliVeg

Q: What do I do if I don’t have any time to workout?

A: If you have no time to work out at least do a Daily 100 - 100 seconds or 100 reps of one exercise, any exercise – @QuickieChick

Q: I can never stay motivated to workout, so any tips are appreciated.

A: Find a workout buddy. They will hold you accountable for eating healthy and working out! – @BalanceBar

Q: What daily routines help you stay on track with your fit lifestyle?

A: Music is an amazing motivator. Keep music and workout gear on hand at all times. – @Yurbuds

Q: How do you stay motivated to be the best you each day?

A: We like to keep a journal. Writing down our health goals each day reminds us to stay on track! – @BalanceBar

Q: What's a good exercise to do in 15 minutes? Cuz some days that's all I have!

A: Go for a quick run at a fast pace--even 15 minutes makes a difference! – QuickieChick

Want more tips for being the best you in 2014? Download our Balance Bar Calendar and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for more motivation tips and healthy living advice!

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