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Woman thinking about her ideal work-life balance
Health & Fitness
March 09, 2015 | Posted in: Health & Fitness
How To Find Your Ideal Work-Life Balance

We don’t all come from a cookie cutter background and we certainly can’t all be defined by one simple formula. But, it is important for us to define our ideal work-life balance in order to achieve what (most of us) want in life: a happy, well-balanced lifestyle.

Whether you’re the busiest of bees or prefer a more laid-back lifestyle, we’ve come up with a few questions that can help you discover your work-life balance sweet spot.

How Do You Define Success?

Do you find success by finishing up that progress report you’ve been working on all week? Or do you find it from being able to squeeze in a 30-minute workout during lunch? Whichever one is right for you, make sure you’ve defined it clearly and written those key successes down in order to ensure you are leading a successful life. By actually adding in something like, “leave work at 5 p.m. to meet with friends,” into your calendar, you’re taking another step toward your ideal work-life balance.

Are You an Early Riser or a Night Owl?

Do you get things checked off your list early in the a.m.? Or does your productivity sky-rocket with the setting sun? Knowing what time of day you work best can make or break your efficiency. If you thrive in the morning, make sure to set that alarm clock an hour earlier to ensure that you get a lot done in those peak focusing hours. If you find yourself really getting into the working groove at night, then talk to your team members about it to see if you can come in an hour later during the week. If that doesn’t fly with the boss, then maybe set a time limit on those late night projects in order to ensure you’re getting enough Zzs in before the next day...

Where Do You Find Support?

Whether you find support from your childhood bestie or a trusted colleague, it’s important to create a support system that best fits your needs. By notifying these supporters of their critical role in your life, they will be able to aid in your quest for work-life balance even more. Often times, you’ll find that you’re actually playing a similar role in their lives, which in turn will strengthen your relationship even more.

What Causes Regrets?

Define those triggers and temptations that cause you to be regretful later on. By writing them down and saying them out loud, you will be able avoid them easier. Even if they are as small as an afternoon soda break or a mini online shopping splurge, you’ll be less likely to do these things if your regrets are specified more clearly. Eliminating those aspects of life that really grind your gears will lead to a happier, healthier you down the road.

What Leads To Celebrations?

What would you say in your ideal celebratory toast? Would you toast to spending a delightful time with friends? Or would it be about a hard-earned job promotion? Whatever it is, take a second to close your eyes and really think about it. Once you’ve come up with the perfect cheers, then you’ll know what you need to work towards.

Now that you’ve defined your ideal work-life balance, find out what it says about you! Take our quiz and don’t forget to share your results too!

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