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Balance Summer Shape Up
Health & Fitness
May 11, 2015 | Posted in: Health & Fitness
How To Shape Up For Summer 2015

The winter weather is wearing off and we are so excited about it! With summer right around the corner, you can trust that Balance Bar® has all the tips, tricks and secrets you need to become healthier before the sunny season arrives.

Last year, you helped us make our 30-day Summer Shape Up challenge a hit so we’re bringing back the best wellness info that’s relevant to you. From our delicious 40-30-30 nutrition bars to our one-of-a-kind fitness programs, Balance Bar® is on your side for summertime success.

First things first: peel off your winter coat. And your sweater… and your boots. Feels good, doesn’t it? Now grab your favorite Balance Bar® and check out these motivational workout videos that will get you ready for summer faster than you can say poolside. Choose from the five workouts below and follow NASM certified personal trainer, Holly Del Rosso, as she walks you through a 30-minute exercise program.

Awesome Arms

Balance Booty Shaper

Full-Body Cardio Blast

Sculpt Your Back

Tummy Trimmer 

Helpful Tips from Holly

1. Fuel up. 30 minutes before your workout, eat a nutritious snack like a Balance Bar for lasting energy.

2. Eat seasonal. Most fruits and veggies are at their peak during summer months and they add nutrients to your diet. The more colors on your plate, the better!

3. Holly’s Tip: Find a workout buddy. Great “buddy workouts” include biking, outdoor dancing classes, canoeing and hiking (with a healthy picnic at the end)!

4. Small meals make a big impact. Eat many small meals a day that are packed with nutrients, including a snack in between each meal like a Cookie Dough Balance Bar® which will keep you full longer.

5. Take your workout outside. Use the pictures below to take your workout…wherever!

These workout summaries are great to have on hand when you want to workout outside in the fresh air. Just print one out or open it on your phone to get started!

Day 3 - Thigh Slimmer
Balance Summer Shape Up Thigh Slimmer

Day 5 - Long Legs
Balance Summer Shape Up Long Legs

Day 8 - Summer Six Pack
Balance Summer Shape Up Summer Six Pack

Day 10 - Whittle Your Waist
Balance Summer Shape Up Whittle Your Waist

Day 13 - Finally Firm Glutes
Balance Summer Shape Up Trim Glutes

Day 15 - Great Glutes
Balance Summer Shape Up Great Glutes

Day 18 - Cardio 
Balance Summer Shape Up Cardio

Day 20 - Cardio
Balance Summer Shape Up Cardio

Day 23 - A-List Arms
Balance Summer Shape Up Arms

Day 25 - LBD Arms
Balance Summer Shape Up Arms

Day 28 - Baby Got Back!
Balance Summer Shape Up Back

There’s a lot more wellness advice to come and a lot more Balance Bar flavors to try! As summer heats up, check back with us for ways to lead a life that’s in balance.

Consult with your doctor before beginning this or any diet or exercise program.

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