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October 14, 2014 | Posted by: Gia Alvarez | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Keeping Your Family Active in Autumn

If you’re like our family, you spent the summer playing in the sand, swimming in the local pool and running around trying to catch fireflies. We tried to spend as much time outside as possible, enjoying the beautiful weather and doing fun activities together as a family. As the summer ends and you start to get in fall mode, it can be tempting to retreat indoors to your comfy couch. However, there are still a lot of outdoor family activities you can do as the weather gets cooler. Below are some easy ideas to try this weekend; they’ll keep you and the kids active and healthy throughout the fall.

  • Bike rides. Bike rides are the perfect outdoor activity even as the leaves start falling. You can bundle the kids up in sweatshirts and head to your local park for some fresh autumn air. Pretty soon it’ll be winter and they’ll wish they spent more time enjoying their bikes. To incorporate some extra exercise into your ride, stop along the way and have the kids skip or do frog leaps. You can even turn it into a game by seeing who can leap the highest.
  • Stroller runs. Tuck your little one under a cozy blanket and head out for a stroller run. Involving your children in your workouts helps to teach them the value of a healthy lifestyle at a young age. During your busy fall schedule, a stroller run is a great way to keep up with your exercise and spend time with the kids.
  • Interval training. We all think of interval training as intense, cardio-filled workouts for adults. However, intervals can also be modified for children to do during an afternoon in the park or your own backyard. Pick the distance between two trees and have them try jogging, skipping, hopping or walking like an ant backwards between the trees. Bonus points if you’re able to build a leaf pile and have the kids jump in it for one of their activities!

With the abundance of fresh foods, warm weather and longer days, it can be easier to stay healthy and active during the summer. However, there are still plenty of ways to keep you and your family moving throughout the fall. You just need to get a little more creative. So give these ideas a shot – they’ll definitely help you work up a craving for a hot apple cider afterwards!

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*Gia Alvarez writes awesome articles as a paid spokesperson for Balance Bar®. There are also free samples involved (a Balance® bare Mixed Berry Nut or two goes a long way), so…best job ever?

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