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December 22, 2014 | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Recapping the Twelve Days of Balance

With all the entertaining, traveling, shopping and yes, partying going on during the holidays, keeping your everyday life in Balance can prove especially difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve kept our social media elves hard at work this year coming up with helpful tips for a happy holiday season.

Last week we hosted a fantastically festive holiday Twitter Party, chatting it up with the Twitterverse about nutritious appetizers and desserts, holiday hangouts and awesome gift giving. Just in case you missed it, here are a dozen tips still wrapped and ready to open. Presenting the 12 Days of Balance!

(Feel free to sing along.)

On the first day of Balance, a gift from us to yoooouuuu…

1 Deliciously Nutritious Snack Eaten!

Every Balance Bar® is built with smart nutrition to accompany its incredible taste. So go ahead. Have your snack and eat it, too!

2 Miles Running!

Grab a friend and get moving. Don’t let the winter weather stop you – a chilly run will leave you feeling reenergized and fit.

3 Hours Shopping!

You’ve got to get that shopping done, but you’d really rather get in some quality time with the fam. Why not do both? Load up the car and let the retail therapy do its trick!

4 Friends-a-Hanging!

The best gift you can give old friends is your time. So invite them out or over for a cup of coffee and a Balance Bar®!


A little quality time for yourself can make a big difference during the super-social holidays. If you’re feeling stressed, take five to relax!

6 Logs-a-burning!

Invite your friends over on a cold night to enjoy the warmth and conversation around the fireside.

7 Toy Donations!

Get into the giving spirit and donate toys to a local charity like Toys For Tots. It’ll boost everyone’s spirits including your own!

8 Movies Playing!

Tis the season to enjoy a low-key day spent watching holiday movies with family and friends.

9 Nutritionally Smart Gifts!

Inspire your family and friends to start 2015 right with a gift that supports a healthy lifestyle. Some ideas: a blender with a to-go cup, a food steamer or a nutritious-recipe cookbook.

10 Minutes Walking!

A brisk 10-minute walk will do wonders for your day. Grab your coat, a few colleagues and head outside!

11 Snowballs Thrown!

Bundle up and head into the snow for an afternoon of winter fun with friends. Just don’t throw too hard – you want your friends to still like you afterward!

12 Fitness and Nutrition Prizes! (Not to mention some great conversation)

Our 12 Days of Balance Twitter Party featured fitness and nutrition tips and some really cool prize giveaways. Don’t miss your chance to snag some cool swag at our next party – follow @BalanceBar on Twitter to stay in the loop!

Keep your eye on the Weekly Bite for more smart living and nutritious snack ideas as we cruise into the New Year!

*Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

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