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June 08, 2015 | Posted by: Rachel Steffen | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Summer: The Season of Fresh Produce

I love summer for so many reasons: the sunshine, warmer weather, family time, and fresh local produce!  There is something about eating a freshly picked fruit from the vine or tree that tastes so much better than what you can find in the supermarket. I’ve found that it’s so much easier to eat healthier in the summer when you’re surrounded by all that wonderful produce.

Our family recently moved and we are renting our home while we get settled in. Instead of having a large garden, we’ll be growing our favorite plants in large pots. We are planning on having pots full of cherry tomatoes, peppers, fresh herbs and more! There are lots of plant options that are suitable for pots. If you’re short on yard space or live in a city, there’s no reason why you can’t have fresh vegetables at home. If you’re unsure about where to start, visit your local gardening store and find out what they recommend.

For the plants that we can’t grow at home, we’ll shop at our local farmer’s market. We love spending the afternoon exploring the vendors and tasting all the samples. A quick trip can open your eyes to new vegetables you might be unfamiliar with and inspire so many colorful salads and delicious recipes. Plus, you’ll be supporting your local farmers and small businesses.
Whether it’s a fruit salad for breakfast or some grilled veggies, try experimenting with as much summer produce as you can. The season goes by so fast; it’s important to take advantage of it!

Do you grow a garden with your family? Do you visit your local farmers market? 

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