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November 11, 2014 | Posted by: Matthew McClelland | Posted in: Health & Fitness
Tips for a More Nutritious Game Day

‘Tis the season…FOOTBALL SEASON that is! The time of year when grown men and women cheer, or cry, depending on how good their teams are. It’s also a time for friends to get together to watch the big game. Let’s be honest, it’s usually a Sunday migration to the house with the biggest TV!

Football season also helps kick off a season of ill-advised overeating that usually runs through the holidays and New Year’s, all the way to the Super Bowl. Game day parties are often an excuse to overindulge in pizza, nachos, beer and other high-calorie choices. 

Whether you’re hosting the party or heading over to a friend’s house, here are a few tips to keep you from getting flagged for excessive celebration.

  1. Drink plenty of water! 

If you’re going to be drinking alcohol, have a large glass of water between each drink. It will fill you up, slow you down, and keep you hydrated. It will also help curve the food cravings that can come with too much alcohol consumption.

  1. Fill up on wholesome foods beforehand! 

If you know there are going to be unhealthy foods at the party you’re headed to, opt to eat beforehand. Have some lean protein and a big salad before leaving the house. You can still have a couple of your favorite game day snacks at the party, but since you won’t be starving when you arrive, you’ll be able to enjoy the food in moderation.

  1. Take a nutritious snack! 

A Balance bare® bar is a great snack that you can fit in your pocket and it’s a smart alternative to that plate of cookies you’ve been eyeballing. These delicious, nutritious, non-GMO and gluten-free snacks are packed with real whole foods like nuts and fruit, have fiber for digestive support and best of all, they taste great!

  1. Eat Your Veggies! 

Fall is a great season for growing your own healthy snacks. My garden is full of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Avoid the fatty dips and dressings that are generally served with your favorite veggies and eat them all by themselves. When they’re in season, you’ll notice they have enough flavor to make drenching them in dressing unnecessary. If you need a little something to compliment the taste, mix a little dill into some Greek Yogurt for a protein-packed alternative to sour cream. Offer to bring a vegetable platter to your next party so you know there’ll be a nutritious snack alternative available. 

  1. Bake It! 

A breaded, baked chicken strip carries all the flavor of a deep-fried wing without all of the guilt. Simply dip the strip in an egg wash, drag it through some bread crumbs and bake at 350° for 20-25 minutes to an internal temperature of 160°, then toss in your favorite sauce. Traditional wing sauce is loaded with butter, so consider doing a BBQ sauce, or toss the wings in apple butter instead.

Matt McClelland*

*Matt McClelland writes awesome articles as a paid spokesperson for Balance Bar®. We also send him delicious Balance Bar® products for free, so…best job ever? And speaking of deliciousness, check out the incredible new Sweet & Spicy Nut Balance bare® bar.

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