Make Time for You

Make Time for “You Time”

How often do you spend time pursuing your personal interests? If your answer is, “What personal interests?” it’s time to make a change. This new year, resolve to rekindle an old passion or cross something new off your bucket list. Enjoying a personal hobby will make 2018 your happiest year yet.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you during National Hobby Month and beyond.

  1. Try Your Hand at Photography – With smartphones and other mobile devices, most of us always have a camera at our fingertips. Put that technology to good use and commit to snapping a creative photo every day. For inspiration, watch online tutorials or browse websites with imagery that piques your interest.
  2. Experiment with New Cuisine – If you enjoy cooking, but you’ve grown tired of the tried and true family recipes, push your culinary creativity. Look for new recipes that feature your favorite ingredients, and if you fall in love with the kitchen again, expand your horizons with new flavors. Start your search for nutritious and delicious recipes on our blog.
  3. Get to Know the City You’re In – Whether you’re a recent transplant or you’ve lived in the same city for decades, exploring your hometown can be an exciting hobby. Try a neighborhood coffee shop for the first time, stop by a gallery opening or visit a restaurant on your must-try list.
  4. Volunteer in Your Community – Love animals? Inquire about opportunities to support the work of a local shelter. Have a passion for helping kids? Seek out ways to get involved at your neighborhood library. Supporting a non-profit that tugs at your heartstrings is not only rewarding for you, but it’s invaluable to the organization you select.
  5. Host a Book Club – For some people, nothing beats a good book. If you’d love to set aside more time to read, pick a title that’s been on your list, and organize a book club with friends and family. Make your first meeting a fun evening of conversation and goodies that everyone will enjoy. Delicious, nutritious Balance Bars are the perfect snack choice to keep health-conscious resolutions on track, too.

Do you have a hobby or passion you want to pursue in 2018? Tell us about it on social media with #BalanceYourHobby