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Our 40-30-30 Nutrition Principle is designed to help your body keep up with your on-the-go life.

It promotes slow glycemic response, supports muscle recovery, and helps satisfy your hunger with steady, sustained energy.

Pretty good for an on-the-go nutrition bar.

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Our Story

On A Journey To Achieve Balance®, Since 1992.

Dreamed up in Santa Barbara, CA by an innovative group of athletes, wellness experts and people with a passion for life (and food!), our goal from the beginning has been to make it easier for everyone to get the balanced nutrition they need to power through the day and ultimately live a more balanced lifestyle. So while we’ve put a ton of hard work into creating delicious and nutritious energy bars over the years, coming up with our name was easy! 

We believe in loving life and living it to the fullest, enjoying today while looking after tomorrow. So our products are all about laying down the nutritional building blocks for a healthy, happy life. We were inspired by the 40-30-30 nutrition principle to create high energy food with the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat. And we deliver it in delicious energy bars full of vitamins and minerals that you can feel good about enjoying anytime, anywhere. 

When it comes down to it, the good life is all about balance. So to help you achieve it, we’re going to keep fun fitness tips, energizing recipes and of course, delicious Balance Bar products coming your way!

Our Mission

To salute your determination to lead an active, well-rounded life by providing deliciously wholesome, on-the-go nutrition for lasting energy. Balance® is all about providing the nourishment you need to do what you do best—live each day to the fullest!