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Our 40-30-30 Nutrition Principle is designed to help your body keep up with your on-the-go life.

It promotes slow glycemic response, supports muscle recovery, and helps satisfy your hunger with steady, sustained energy.

Pretty good for an on-the-go nutrition bar.

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Meet Our AmBARsadors

We know that life gets busy, and not everyone has the time or resources to do research on healthier living. So we’ve assembled some prominent figures in the fields of nutrition and fitness to share their knowledge and advice for living a balanced life. And we bring it all together on our blog, The Weekly Bite.

Gia Alvarez

Over the past ten years Gia Alvarez has become a health, fitness and family wellbeing advocate who uses running and racing as the impetus for spreading her healthy philosophy to the world. On her blog Run Gia Run, shares the whole truth of her journey, the missteps and the good decisions. 

When her twins were born in 2010, she embraced new challenges as a Mom and as an athlete. In 2011, Gia coined the term “Mamalete” - the existential coexistence of a loving mom and a dedicated athlete. Rather than promoting the unattainable idea of the “power mom,” her goal is to empower moms to find balance in their busy lives through family fitness and healthy activities. She hopes that runners and parents alike will enjoy her tips, expertise and some fun stories from her daily life raising twins in Manhattan. Gia has been featured in Self Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine and more.

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